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The Case of Nightmare in Hostage Hills: A Practitioners Guide to the Assessment and Treatment of Victims of Batterers/Abusers/Narcissists

This is the “go-to” providers’ practice manual for ethical, lawful, and clinically sound professional practice in the assessment and treatment of children and families enduring narcissistic abuse where I illustrate the cluster of personality characteristics of abusers and demonstrate their pattern of battering and abuse tactics laying it all out clearly for providers to accurately assess the criminal behavior by a narcissist/batterer before children become absorbed into the hate campaign for their other parent and left in toxic dangerous home environments at risk for death and/or serious psychological injury which lasts a lifetime.


Nightmare in Hostage Hills

As a battered mother and her three abused children were chewed up and spit out through a legendary fiasco in custody court, USA, corrupt judges and family lawyers (including her own counsel), incompetent mental health professionals, and lying police officers in the old boys club in her town aided and abetted vicious abuse and battering of her children as she fought through hundreds of thousands of dollars, tears, prayers, sorrow, terror, and savage abuse inflicted upon her children by batterer-father when they cried for her; yet no one listened to her pleas for rescuing them from the pit of malignant narcissism, vicious battering, domestic violence, brainwashing, severe parental alienation, and narcissistic abuse.

No one interceded nor rescued them. No one stopped the battering.

They were silenced by the tyranny and colluding cloak of corruption, malpractice, and abuse ongoing for seven years since she cancelled the corrupt custody trial and thirteen years since her youngest son was left with “false memories of hatred created in Leonard for his mother.”

Jade, Zak, and Leonard were left in the sole custody of narcissist batterer-father through the utter failure of all systems designed to protect them and the incompetence of mental health and family law professionals who were supposed to protect them and enforce court orders, allowing them freedom, safety, and healing with their mother and a life without abusiveness and evil.